New apps in AppInventory

We are pleased to announce that AppInventory has been enriched with the following apps: EducaPlay, Flexclip, GameSalad, Jitsi, Loopy, Onlitest, Pdf2go, Plectica, Text2MindMap, Tinkercad, WordsTool, Zoom,, Ourboox, Rocketium, TeamSpeak, Watson Text-to-Speech, WordArt

New feature

From today, AppInventory offers the possibility of comparing the data of the individual apps and the users’ evaluations in graphic form, through “radar” diagrams that can be viewed by clicking the  icon.

For more details visit the interactive guide by clicking on the ? icon or the contextual guide accessible in the graphics panel.

New feature

We are pleased to announce that as of today, AppInventory offers a new feature: by clicking on the  icon, visible at the top left, in the navigation window it is now possible to select the sorting criterion of the current navigation dimension, choosing it from the following:

Depending on the criterion chosen, the relative value for each app will be displayed in the list of applications below. In the case of user evaluations, positioning the mouse over the name of each app will display the number of votes on which the reported score is based.

Furthermore, using the  icon it will be possible to remove the current filters and display the list of all the applications in the catalog.

Guided Tour

We are pleased to announce that from today AppInventory provides a guided tour of the platform: by clicking on the icon at the top right of the catalog, the main elements of the catalog will be presented in sequence and the available navigation and search tools will be shown.